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From the starting of its operations ELVIDA FOODS S.A is staying focused in high quality and safety standards for all of its products.

Our company is certified with all safety and quality certificates ISO22000:2005(EUROCERT) and HACCP. Recently we have obtained certification according to BRC and IFS standards.

In ELVIDA FOODS S.A. all production stages are monitored systematically and recorded appropriately so that we know at any given time the necessary information for all our products : which materials, which production machinery has been utilized, how many people were working on the shift etc. All data are recorded on the final label of the production batch. Due to the automatic traceability and the minimizing of human involvement in the manufacturing process we can support with real data the highest standards in food safety and quality for all our products.

ELVIDA FOODS maintains long term relations with specialised, certified suppliers so that it can ensure constant highest quality for its full range of products